Korbi Resort, this wonderful resort lays on Giri i Lalzit, under the shadow of the ever-green pine trees, with a crystal beach, a pearl of the Adriatic.

You will find yourself in some small and very cozy villas with everything you need to spend a wonderful holiday for a night, a week or more. You will love it!

What about your lunch or snacks? A restaurant, a bar, a pizza place, and fast-food will serve you anything you will ask for.

Want to play volleyball? We have the net for you, the ball and you just have to get moving and hitting the ball. You don’t have to be a professional. Just hit and kick the ball. It’s all about the ball.

Do you want to take a shower? There is cold fresh water springing out of the sand, and piped into the right pipes so you can take a cold shower. It will just feel magic.