Learn English

English courses in Australia

It is a perfect place to improve your English

Like any language, the best way to improve your English is to live among, and converse with, native speakers. Studying in Australia will give you the opportunity to use and improve your English every single day.

In an Australian English language classroom, you won’t have to recite long lists from dull text books. You’ll receive a quality English language education, of course, but you’ll also get the opportunity to put that education to use.

A course to meet your needs

Whatever your level of English, an English language college will have a program to meet your needs. Most colleges have video facilities, libraries and computer-assisted learning. They also have ‘language laboratories’, which are similar to ‘English corner’ sessions overseas.

There are five main types of English courses taught in Australia:

General English – this course focuses on the development of communication skills, particularly speaking and listening.

English for Academic Purposes – this course will prepare you for study at an English-speaking university or a vocational institute.

English for Specific Purposes – these courses focus on practical English for specific course areas, including English for Business, Aviation, or Tourism.

Secondary School Preparation – this course will develop your English for entry into an Australian secondary school.

Examination Preparation – these courses will prepare you for English language proficiency examinations, including the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and Cambridge Certificates.

You can enrol in English language courses at any time of the year. Full-time courses range from four weeks to 48 weeks. Expect to spend about 25 hours a week studying, including time spent in class and studying on your own.