Live and Work in Canada

Canada, a land of hope and prosperity! It is a huge and beautiful country with enormous natural resources and numerous educational, technological, industrial and manufacturing opportunities, with direct access and proximity to the United States of America, and South America. Canada resettles over one in 10 of the world’s refugees and has one of the highest per-capita immigration rates in the world.

Canada prides itself with world class and established systems of high quality education and public health care, high standards of living, and a very strong economy. Canada welcomes tens of thousands of people from all over the world each year that decide to move to Canada.

Having identified a great interestfrompeople in Albania who want to go to live and work in Canada, and the interest of Canadian companies to receive workers from Albania, Korbi Group is trying to bring things together to provide Albanians with the option of immigrating to Canada temporarily for work or to live there permanently. We want to bring the opportunities and options before the people for them to choose.

Korbi Group is organizing the first "Live and Work in Canada" fair in cooperation with. There will be a number of Canadian companies represented at the fair to recruit workers, and there will also be immigration firms that will prepare all the applications and do the legal procedures.