Areas of Activity


  1. Dirt excavation with eventual wall and concrete works, demolition and work on excavated ground.
  2. Production of Construction Material
    1. Production of inert material, stones
    2. Production of concrete elements, common reinforced concrete, decorative stones
  3. Civil and Economical Construction
    1. Civil building, industrial, touristic, agricultural, up to five stories.
    2. Civil building, industrial, touristic, agricultural, over five stories, reconstruction
    3. Buildings with carcass/framework over 8 stories
  4. Road Construction
    1. Road construction, 4th and 5th category
    2. Road construction, 3rd, 2nd and 1st category
    3. Works of maintenance and road signs, construction on road strata.
  5. Construction of Bridges and Artworks
    1. Construction of Bridges and artworks up to 10 meters
    2. Construction of bridges and artworks over 10 meters, metal and suspension bridges
  6. Hydraulic and Hydro-technical Construction
    1. Water reticulations, sewage systems, irrigation and drainage systems, etc.
    2. Protection works of the hydraulic systems, concrete works, etc.
    3. Building of damps up to 10 meters
  7. Special works
    1. Concrete and metal Water towers,
    2. Foundation reinforcement and underground works
  8. Carpentry
    1. Wood
    2. Metal
  9. Technological and Special Plants
    1. Installation of hygienic plants, kitchens, laundries, hydro-sanitarian sets/plants and their maintenance
    2. Installation of any wood, metal, plastic and glass materials, etc.
    3. Painting, hydro-insulation, thermo-insulation, acoustic- and fire-proofing 
  10. Topo-geodesic Works
    1. Topographical surveying,
    2. Topo-geodesic works in engineering objects,
    3. Special topo-geodesic works, supporting mesh-works, and terrain stability

Trade –Import/export

  1. Trade of different articles of all kinds, wholesale and retail
  2. Trade of building materials and raw material in and outside of the country.
  3. Metal works and trading
  4. Trade of different wood products, furniture, doors, windows, etc.
  5. Production and trade of artisan goods, carpets, rugs etc.
  6. Trade of different industrial articles.
  7. Trade of lubricants.
  8. Trade of different food articles.
  9. Trade of different agricultural and …..
  10. Trade of fruits and vegetables,
  11. Trade of vehicles of any kind, mark and carrying capacity, as well as spare parts, opening of car-wash and service stations,
  12. Trade of medical electro medical equipment, wholesale and retail, trade of different kinds of medical articles, medicaments, and other different medicines.
  13. Processing and trade of medicinal and ether-oil herbs,
  14. Opening of immobile agencies,
  15. Trade of household electrical, electronic, computer, hygienic and sanitarian, and hydraulic equipment, ceramics, artisan, office equipment, etc.
  16. Transportation of goods of all kinds in and out of the country, trade of fertilizers and other chemical products.


  1. Setting up tourist, retreat and curative centers, hotels, etc, on the coast and on the mountains.
  2. Opening of tourist agencies, opening and using of hotels, bars, restaurants, discos, retreat and curative centers, asylums for elderly people, etc.
  3. Any kind of tourist activities that are not against or violating the law.